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Dining out for Life October 15, 2020

Dining out for Life 2020

Dining Out For Life (October 15, 2020)

Dining out for life is a fundraiser for A Loving Spoonful. On Thursday, March 14, 2019, dine out for breakfast, lunch or dinner at participating restaurants and support people living with HIV/AIDS.

Restaurants across the Lower Mainland and in Whistler will take part. Participating restaurants will contribute 25% of their food sales to A Loving Spoonful.  Loving Spoonful delivers an average of 100,000 meals per year to people affected by HIV/AIDS in Metro Vancouver and the surrounding regions in addition to providing nutritional counseling and meal planning.

When is Dining our for Life 2020?

On October 15, 2020, join thousands of people across the Lower Mainland who are doing good by dining out. Make it a day to remember with family, friends and your community.

What restaurants are participating in Dining out for Life?

For full details of which restaurants are participating in Dining out for life this year check out the full listing hear. Read more

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Project Empty Bowl fundraiser for A Loving Spoonful

First starting in 1997 the Empty Bowl Project’s goal has been to raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS. Participants receive a simple meal of soup and bread served in a handmade bowl. After the meal the participants are asked to now keep their now empty handmade bowl as a reminder that the bowls still need filling. The money raised from this project is given to A Loving Spoonful.

Project Empty Bowl has become an annual signature fundraising event for A Loving Spoonful. The sole purpose of Project Empty Bowl is to raise funds so that A Loving Spoonful can continue delivering free meals and nutritional counselling & education to men, woman and children fighting HIV/AIDS.

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