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Sunset Beach (Sunday September 22, 2019)

Registration 10:30 AM

This year the 2.5 km AIDS Walk returns to the West End and Sunset Beach, where many of our members reside.

BC’s first AIDS WALK was held in Vancouver in 1986 at a time when people were dying from the disease. Today a lot has changed, but funds to support low income folks living with HIV in BC are still needed.

Positive Living Society

The Vancouver AIDS WALK is organized by the Positive Living Society of British Columbia. Founded in 1986 under the name BC Persons with AIDS Society, our organization was created by a group of people living with HIV to help empower themselves and others like them.

Today, Positive Living BC offers many vital support programs and services that benefit the lives of people living with HIV in BC.

All proceeds of the Vancouver AIDS WALK go directly to low income people living with HIV in BC.

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AIDS Walk Vancouver


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