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Leaping Thespians

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Present Out Again at the Inn (April 24 to 27, 2019)

Who are the Leaping Thespians

An award-winning woman’s theatre company bringing stories of queer lives to the stage. The company debuted in the 1990’s in Nelson BC, was revived in Vancouver in 2001, and has been creating shows ever since. Leaping Thespians has written five original shows and has produced variety shows and acts with other groups in Vancouver.

Leaping Thespians Upcoming Events

Out Again at the Inn

Written by Karen White & Leigh Burrows

Mary and Marie continue to have their hands full, running their struggling bed and breakfast, while hosting the Blackberry Cove jam-making contest, with no help from their chronically high neighbours. And then, their least favorite guest decides this is her weekend to come out. What could go wrong? World premier of this Original Comedy


Havana Theatre

1212 Commercial Drive

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