Lezervations – Lesbian Event

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Lezervations – Lesbian Event

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These Events Appear are on hold due to covid.  When they resume we will let you know.

Where to meet other Women in Vancouver

Lezervations is LGBT Social Networking. It is where women come to meet women.  It is a kind of club for lesbians. Minus the unce-unce-unce of club music, plus delicious conversation you can actually hear. Women come to meet at a dinner and go on to start business collaborations, create a whole new circle of friends, and even meet that special person and get married. It’s getting a chance to meet new, good people in a space that is conducive to conversation and trust is what life is about.

Quarterly Lesbian Event Held in Vancouver

The quarterly events are designed to facilitate connections amongst queer women as well as unlock the potential of city living. Lezervations operate as a not for profit and is more of a passion project that wants to keep going.

Lezervations currently holds events in Vancouver, San Francisco, Toronto and New York, with our virtual network of 10,000 women extending well beyond those geographies. And soon will be announcing new cities and partnerships.

  • Lezervation Lesbian Vancouver

An evening of good company and delicious conversation—all on the communal table at Lezervations. It’s the 20th dinner in Vancouver so we are celebrating with a gorgeous venue with a view—the historical Museum of Vancouver—and fancy dress. Get out your finery and get ready to connect with friends new and old for a lovely meal.

Tasty conversation paired with the perfect cocktail (or mocktail) and a chance to get to know other women in the local LBTQ community.


Thursday 21 November


Museum of Vancouver

1100 Chestnut Street

Vancouver, BC V6J 3J9



Connections for real life.



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