LGBTQ Spirit Pride

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LGBTQ Spirit Pride

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Spirit Pride (July 22 to July 24, 2022)

A LGBTQ2 Spirituality Conference

Welcoming the LGBTQ2 community, friends, family and allies. Come join this LGBTQ2A+ affirming event that gathers communities who want to celebrate, share and find a place to explore spirituality and LGBTQ2A+ Identity

Spirit Pride – An LGBTQ Friendly Church Conference

The 2022 Spirit Pride event will be held at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United church and Christ Church Cathedral.

Speakers include:
Cheri Denovo, author of The Queer Evangelist (Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2021), is a former member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly, fierce advocate for LGBTQ rights, and now serves as Minister at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts.
Rolf R. Nolasco, Jr., ThD. Rolf R. Nolasco Jr. Rolf R. Nolasco Jr. is professor of pastoral theology at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. He is the author of several books including God’s Beloved Queer (Wipf and Stock, 2019) and Hearts Ablaze: Parables for the Queer Soul (Church Publication Inc. October 2022).

Where will the LGBTQ Spirit Pride Conference take place?

Conference Venues

St. Andrews Wesley United (Salons) – 1022 Nelson St.


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