Prime Timers Older Gay Men

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Prime Timers Older Gay Men

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Prime Timers (recurring 2nd Tuesday each month) March 9, 2020

“Bar Timers”at Pumpjack 4 pm.

General meeting second Sunday each month

at the West End Community Center, 870 Denman Street starting at 2 pm.

Older Gay Men Vancouver

Vancouver Prime Timers is a group for mature gay and bi men, and younger friends, who meet regularly in the Vancouver area to enjoy social, educational and recreational activities. There are about 78 chapters of Prime Timers worldwide.

Events for Older Gay Men Vancouver

This group meets on a regular basis and has a calendar full of social events which include a wide variety of activities: bridge, brunches, afternoon coffee, dining out, lunches, monthly meetings, movie nights, pot lucks, theatre, concerts, walks, day and overnight excursions, and holiday celebrations. The strength of Prime Timers is in member participation. The events are driven by the interests of the members. An extensive newsletter of their many events and activities is published monthly.

Living Alone as an Older Gay Man

The Vancouver Prime Timers offers a “Phone Buddy” program. The program is discretionary. The goal is to linkup between 2 and sometimes 3 Prime Timer members.  They make a daily brief call to say hello and maintain regular social contact.  Sometimes the “phone buddies will meet for coffee, lunch, shopping, and may provide support by accompanying each other to medical appointments.

They share critical information for older people living on their own such as who has the key to their door, contact information of the landlord, what happens if you need to go to the hospital, contact information of relatives or friends in the event of an emergency.


Membership for Prime Timers if $30 per year ($45 per couple)

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Prime Timers Vancouver



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